Flight Procedures and Airspace Design

  • Non-precision Instrument Approach Procedures design or verification (VOR/DME, NDB, GNSS)
  • Precision Instrument Approach Procedure design or verification (ILS)
  • Approach with Vertical Guidance (BARO-VNAV)
  • Standard Arrival Route (STAR)
  • Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
  • Airspace Design and Development

Airport and Heliport Design

  • Design and Planning of Airports and Heliports
  • Development of documentation requirements and various manuals
  • Conceptual design of airspace and necessary procedures
  • Feasibility and viability studies


Other Services and Products

  • Safety Management System Training and Workshop
  • Aeronautical Studies
  • Airport and Heliport Approval
  • Establishment of Flight Procedures for fixed-wing and helicopters in private airstrips and airports
  • Assessment of obstacles and buildings in the vicinity of airport
  • Evaluation of maximum allowable elevation for proposed structures in the vicinity of an airport
  • Complete Fire Protection System for Helipads
  • Supply and installation of pre-fab aluminum helipads
  • Philippine Aerodromes Android App


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