Flight Procedure Design





Flight Procedures and Airspace Design

  • Non-precision Instrument Approach Procedures design or verification (VOR/DME, NDB, GNSS)
  • Precision Instrument Approach Procedure design or verification (ILS)
  • Approach with Vertical Guidance (BARO-VNAV)
  • Standard Arrival Route (STAR)
  • Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
  • Airspace Design and Development

Airport and Heliport Design

  • Design and Planning of Airports and Heliports
  • Development of documentation requirements and various manuals
  • Conceptual design of airspace and necessary procedures
  • Feasibility and viability studies


Other Services and Products

  • Safety Management System Training and Workshop
  • Aeronautical Studies
  • Airport and Heliport Approval
  • Establishment of Flight Procedures for fixed-wing and helicopters in private airstrips and airports
  • Assessment of obstacles and buildings in the vicinity of airport
  • Evaluation of maximum allowable elevation for proposed structures in the vicinity of an airport
  • Complete Fire Protection System for Helipads
  • Supply and installation of pre-fab aluminum helipads
  • Philippine Aerodromes Android App

Who we are

Flight Procedure Designers, Airport Engineers, Airspace Planners, Flight Operations Experts

An Aviation Consultancy company based in Manila, Philippines, iNavteq is the only local company in the Philippines capable of providing solutions to many complex aviation problems and offer different services from design, implementation, regulatory requirements and IT solutions, and customized trainings.

iNavteq is focused on bringing innovation with a team of experts and consultants sharing the same innovative ideals that envision long term and sustainable development for every organization it supports.

At iNavteq, we provide solutions and promote safety through quality design and services and we do it with the highest international standards with regards to applicability, safety and responsibility.


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